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White to move, what would you do?
Consider this end game situation. As white, your pawn has been advancing up the board. What is your best move in this position?
Chess move 1: Advance the pawn to h7 Chess move 2: Move the rook up two squares,                          (to h3) giving check to the king Other moves are possible, but which of those two moves is better for white?
Clear Thinking About Marfa Lights
In a high desert area of southwest Texas, south of Marfa, strange lights sometimes appear to fly over the bushes. Are all of the “mystery lights” caused by the night mirages of car headlights on a nearby highway? Not these particular lights, for they have been analyzed by Mr James Bunnell and other scientists. The flying lights Bunnell calls “CE-III’ are nothing like car headlights, even with mirages.
Clear thinking is needed in both chess and in cryptozoology. The dancing behavior of CE-III mystery lights around Marfa, Texas, reveal intelligence direction or purpose. It is nothing that can be adequately explained in non-living terms like ball lightning or earth lights. These Marfa Lights may be caused by bioluminescent flying predators similar to the ropen of Papua New Guinea, a cryptid that is described like a living pterosaur. Strange as that seems, a living pterosaur is indeed scientifically possible and “flying predator” is actually probable.
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