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Fifth-grade section of the tournament

Utah Elementary Championship, 2016 – Rating improvements, 4th & 5th graders

This chess event, at the University of Utah on March 12, 2016, was actually seven independent tournament sections, one for each grade from kindergarten through sixth. . . . The 2016 Utah Elementary Championship, held in Salt Lake City, had a total of 451 children competing in six rounds, with the largest section being the fifth-graders: 91 chess competitors. In this post, we look at the more impressive rating improvements shown by some of the players, rather than extoll just the trophy winners.

2nd place and 1st place winners in reserve section

Chess Tournament at the University of Utah – speed chess early in 2016

The outcome of the 2016 Utah Speed Championship was played by the book, as Grandmaster Kayden Troff won the tournament, in the open section, with a perfect score: 14-0. The second place finisher was four points behind the young grandmaster: Bryan Leaño at 10-4.

(Photo above is of the top two prize winners in the lower-rated Reserve Section: Matt Larson, left, and Vahan Kardzhyan.) This tournament was held in Salt Lake City, on February 27, 2016.

Joshua loses his queen early in the game

Chess in Films

Many movies have some reference to the game of chess, if only with a brief sight of a chess set. In a few films, the royal game is a big part of the theme or background throughout the story. Let’s look at two of those, both of which involve children: Searching for Bobby Fischer and A Little Game.