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Chess Tutor in Central Salt Lake Valley of Utah
Copyright 2016 Jonathan David Whitcomb
Jonathan Whitcomb uses the NIP system of chess training (nearly identical positions), a new advanced method of chess tutoring for all ages and skill levels in chess
The following communities in the Salt Lake  Valley can easily be visited by the chess  tutor Jonathan Whitcomb, who lives in the  city of Murray. Many days are available:   Belmont Heights  Cottonwood Heights  Holladay Kearns Little Cottonwood Creek Valley  Midvale Mill Creek  Murray Shalamar  Summer Meadows  Taylorsville West Jordan  West Valley City If you live in or near one of the above cities,  getting either regular or occasional chess  lessons from this tutor should be easy. If  you live in or near the communities listed  below, you may still be able to get chess  lessons, depending on the schedule of Mr.  Whitcomb on any particular week:   Alpine Meadows  Magna  Oquirrh  Salt Lake City  Sandy South Jordan  South Salt Lake  White City Woodridge Terrace Zion’s Park  If you live in another area further away  from Murray, phone or email Whitcomb  for his estimate of a reasonable travel  charge. No harm in asking: 801-590-9692.   Another possibility is meeting with the  chess tutor at a public park or library that is  reasonably convenient to both the student  and the teacher. This eliminates the travel  charge, so the fee remains at only $25.   Jonathan Whitcomb also has experience in  producing mini-documentaries, one of  which is an instructional video available on  Youtube: Bishop-plus-knight checkmate.   He is a professional nonfiction writer and  has written chess articles on many blogs:   Chess Charms  Chess for Beginners  Beat That Kid in Chess  Best Chess for Children  The Chess Ladder  Chess Club Resources  [and many more] 
Free: get-acquainted meeting  The $25-per-lesson does not yet apply when you   meet briefly with Mr. Whitcomb in a preliminary   introduction: That short meeting is free. You can  judge for yourself if you think his chess lessons  are best. Ask all the questions you want.   Who is Jonathan Whitcomb?  Before moving to Utah, he was helping, part time  for over ten years, with his wife’s large family  child care business in Long Beach, California,  where they offered free chess lessons for children  registered in that daycare.   More recently he has been active in his chess club  in West Valley, usually placing in the top two  positions in the chess-club ladder ranking.   He published the book Beat That Kid in Chess in  September of 2015. It’s probably the first chess  book ever written (for the “raw” beginner) in  which the new NIP system of chess instruction is  taught systematically: nearly-identical positions.   He can teach a student of almost any age and  playing ability, and this includes players rated up  to 1500 by the United States Chess Federation.  This includes the great majority of adults, kids,  and teenagers in the state of Utah: over 99%.   Private Chess Tutoring When you choose private lessons, rather than just  group lessons, you get the benefit of concentrated  individual training. The chess instruction will  then be highly specific to your own needs.   This is a chess tutor having decades of experience  with those of many skill levels and knowing how  to find out what the student most needs and how  to teach those principles of sound competition  that will lead to winning more games of chess.   Yet group lessons are available at the same charge  of $25 per session. This may be more appropriate  if a class or library is involved and when cost must  be kept to a minimum per student. Call Whitcomb  for when he is available: 801-590-9692. He’ll be  happy to answer all of your questions about  lessons or chess in general.  
persons of various ages playing chess: children, young adults, and older adults
Convenient (at your home or at a nearby library) Reasonable rate: just $25 for a lesson of 60 minutes Private or group lessons, they’re still only $25 per hour Whitcomb is the author of book Beat That Kid in Chess  Training materials are included at no extra charge
Cowboy trying to be friendly with a chess knight (horse head)
Don’t be shy about learning chess. You can learn at your own pace, and this chess tutoring is only $25/lesson.
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You can win at chess. Get going with a tutor.
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Near-Philidor position in a Q-vs-R end game (This is for the more-advanced chess player)
Jonathan David Whitcomb - chess tutor in Salt Lake Valley
Chess tutoring or coaching in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah - by Jonathan D. Whitcomb
Call now: 801-590-9692 and get all your questions answered
cartoon - man talks on phone while playing chess Jonathan Whitcomb is available for chess lessons in the Salt Lake Valley
Or contact the chess tutor by email